About Appdandelion

Appdandelion is a brand of Dandelion International Ltd, headquartered in London. Clients cover industries such as cross-border e-commerce, tool applications, content distribution and games. It is an international intelligent online advertising and marketing service company driven by technology. It is committed to providing customers with global marketing and promotion services. Acquire users, enhance brand awareness, and realize commercialization.

Appdandelion focuses on technology companies in the field of SaaS and overseas marketing, and is committed to helping high-quality companies share the global market. Appdandelion's SaaS platform aggregates multiple tools, including: placement management, data management, customer management, payment management, etc. It is also a global agent for Facebook, Google, and Bing. appdandelion's customers cover e-commerce, games, applications, automotive, digital, education, finance and many other fields

As the world's leading third-party independent advertising service provider, appdandelion has a wealth of global media resources. The platform data covers more than 238 countries and regions around the world. After years of continuous accumulation, the company has maintained a long-term stable and good partnership with global head media and local characteristic traffic resources including Google, Facebook, TikTok For Business, Bing, Apple Ads, etc. Build a media matrix covering full mobile traffic with high-quality head traffic, vertical segment traffic, and long tail traffic.