Facebook Advertising Marketing Services

How to Use Facebook Ads for Overseas Promotion

1 Create a Facebook Page

Your homepage is the window through which Facebook users get to know you and the stage where you can display your brand image, helping you connect with potential audiences and promote your business

2 Open a Facebook advertising account

Facebook entrusts advertising agencies and distributors to provide a series of professional services and assistance to advertisers going overseas

3 Target the target audience

According to Nielsen Online Marketing Campaign Ratings, Facebook is more than 2x more accurate than other ad networks

4 Determine the promotion target

Facebook has 13 different ad objectives. For e-commerce advertisers, increasing website conversions and attracting more website visitors are the preferred advertising goals

5 Create Facebook Ads

Facebook ads consist of 3 parts: campaigns, ad groups and ads. When creating an ad, always start by creating an ad system

6 Choose ad creative

Facebook has a variety of ad formats (such as video ads, slideshow ads, link ads, carousel ads, 360 panoramic ads, Instargram story ads, etc.)

7 Messenger

Messenger makes it easy for businesses to establish direct connections with users. You can also set up automatic replies and create Messenger smart assistants

8 Effect evaluation

Use Facebook measurement tools to help you understand the effectiveness of your advertising, so that you can adjust your advertising strategy in time to improve your advertising performance

Why Choose Appdandelion for Facebook Advertising

1 Facebook advertising account opening, free facebook account opening service

2 Customized overseas marketing solutions The customized effect is obvious

3 24/7 ad review service, real-time tracking, professional review, avoidance rules

4 Self-service account management platform One-stop advertising intelligent management system

5 Professional overseas marketing training Omni-channel overseas marketing knowledge output platform

6 Industry data support services Overseas market trend data and analysis

7 Advertising optimization service Online guidance from professional optimizer team

8 Advertising creative services Provide advertising creative support Material production

How to start a Facebook ad campaign

1 Submit an account opening intention

Through official channels, contact the business manager and submit cooperation intentions

Demand confirmation and cooperation project selection

Submit the relevant information of the cooperative contracting company

2 Signing a contract and opening an account

Website\APP, enterprise license, initial review of Facebook page

Confirmation of contract amount and contract signing

Apply for account opening through the account opening link

Policy Review Team Final Review

Account open and recharge

3 Advertisements are online

Binding of accounts and assets (website/APP and Facebook homepage)

The account authorizes the trafficker

Communication plan

Advertisers provide customer service for self-investment or agency investment