Success case: Bilibili Comics

Bilibili Comics has more than 3 million active apps in the same month, ranking third in the Indian consumer market in Japan, South Korea and abroad, with a peak daily active application of 824,000.

Bilibili Comics started operation in 2018, and later acquired Tencent Animation. Recently, the existing station is surrounded by more than 10,000 animation creations, which are limited to China Comics, Japan Comics and other northern authorized creations in Asia. Bilibili Comics started operation in the same month of April 2021. There are more than 500 creations on the platform. It is only a special English version of Bilibili Comics authorized creations. Recently, the rest of the creations are also available in Indonesian language special editions. One of the most influential IPs of Bilibili Comics is Heen Official's Blessing, which became famous as a famous novel. Its animated special editions have successively landed on Asian streaming platforms such as Funimation and Netflix.

According to the data set of Fortune Business Insights, a consumer market research company, the flu and the surging Internet applications have further promoted the demand for online animation. In 2021, the volume of the world's online animation consumption market was originally planned to surge to 7.36 billion US dollars, with a growth rate of 6.1%. The annual rate of surge, for example, continues to surge, reaching $11 billion by 2028.

Promotion platform: Facebook

Promotion products: APP

Promotion goal: increase install

Audience analysis:

According to the nature of the website, product unit price and characteristics, the target users are young people aged 15-30. This group of people generally spend a long time leisurely online and are in the stage of being interested in new things;

After the initial positioning, analyze and adjust according to the effect, and make subdivided positioning including: marital status, income level, education status, etc.;

At the same time, the products are subdivided, and different styles target different groups of people

Material form: single image display + multi-image carousel

Promotion effect: Since the beginning of the promotion, it has been growing in steps, bringing direct install of 30k+; at the same time, it helps advertisers to break through sales records and expand brand awareness

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